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GAD is hosted by - Sten Retlev

GAD is hosted by - Sten Retlev

We regularly offer our customers the opportunity to meet exciting guests in our stores. We call it " GAD guested by ".

On Thursday 1 June, GAD Stockholm will be visited by the artist Sten Retlev. Between 12.00-18.00 you are welcome to the opening at Tegnérgatan 4, where you have the opportunity to meet Sten and experience and hear more about his art. The exhibition runs until August 19.

This is how Sten himself describes his work: "My paintings evoke a feeling and atmosphere associated with a certain place rather than depicting an exact likeness. With color, structure and a palette knife, I create an image of places that I have visited. Color on color, layer on layer, I scrape and tear. Traces of the previous surface appear and give the painting a unique character. My work focuses on the unexpected details and ways in which the natural environment has been created. Come along and experience the places with the help of my paintings! I use acrylic and mixed media together with a palette knife on linen canvas".

We will be presenting more guests in the future, so keep an eye on our channels. And if there is a particular person you would like to meet, please get in touch at

A warm welcome to GAD Stockholm at Tegnérgatan 4 Thursday, June 1!

Sten Retlev
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