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In our shop you will find our furniture of the highest quality with carefully selected materials - built by our carpenters on Gotland since 1997.

We are celebrating our elegant new BURS table


With its elegant design, Bur's dining table is suitable as a kitchen table, but also as a dining table in the dining room or in the living room . The thin table top in combination with the neat table legs gives the feeling of a table that floats in the room. Please read more about Burs and our other tables below.

All dining tables are made by hand in Sweden, in oiled solid oak or birch.

Each table becomes a personal project that is made according to traditional craft methods, and which is numbered and signed by the responsible carpenter.

BÄL STOL | Stol | G.A.D
Burs Table
Mafrids Matbord 170x82 | Matbord | G.A.D
Mafrid's dining table
Ardre slagbord i gotländsk kärnfuru | Kitchen & Dining Room Tables | G.A.D
Ardre percussion table in Gotland core pine
Ardre slagbord | Bord | G.A.D
Ardre percussion table

"Here we have challenged the possibilities of physics and materials. Behind the Burs table and the Bäl chair lie many years of work designing them in light and almost floating materials. Of course, the furniture bears GAD's signature in terms of quality, solid materials and that each piece of furniture is made by hand in Sweden."

– Kristian Eriksson, designer GAD
Ardre slagbord i gotländsk kärnfuru | Kitchen & Dining Room Tables | G.A.D
Burs bord | Matbord | G.A.D

Durability lasts the longest

GAD's furniture is manufactured in Sweden. In our furniture, the beautiful solutions of fine carpentry and the properties of natural materials are highlighted. They also provide very robust and durable constructions, which means a long service life.

The fact that we work with massive natural materials and natural surface treatments also gives the tremendous advantage that the furniture can be easily maintained, looked after and renovated. If necessary even restored to new condition, several times over.

The concept of sustainability ranks highly with us, not least in our material choices. We mainly use solid oak and birch, which is supplemented with lambskin from the farms in Gotland. We also work in vegetable-tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri and Elmo, as well as wool from Klippan's wool factory. The surface treatment is always environmentally friendly, we like to use oil but can also offer water-based varnishes and paint.

Mafrids Matbord 225x82 | Matbord | G.A.D

Made by hand in solid materials

Whether you need a surface to put your coffee cup down or space to display your favorite gadgets, GAD's range offers many options. Whichever table you choose, you will get a beautiful hand-made piece of furniture that is made here in Sweden, in solid materials.

GAD manufactures furniture the way it was done in the past. They combine design with solid materials and genuine craftsmanship. Some of Sweden's most skilled work in carpentry. cabinetmakers and their work are imbued with a traditional furniture craft with proven and durable techniques such as galvanizing, through tenons and chamfered meetings. Fine joinery's solutions result in very robust and durable constructions with a long service life.

All GAD's furniture is signed by a responsible carpenter before leaving the carpentry shop, guaranteeing handcrafted furniture of the highest quality.