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GAD Gothenburg is hosted by - Charlotte Olsson

On Saturday, September 2, GAD Gothenburg at Postgatan 31 will be visited by the artist Charlotte Olsson during an opening between 11-16.

Behind Charlotte's joyful artwork lies a hidden message. It's about taking advantage of what already exists and being careful about the earth's resources. With old lace, plastic waste from the sea and other recycled materials, she sculpts colorful works of art and patterns.

Charlotte's art is represented in both private and official collections. She has previously exhibited at Hollywood Road Gallery and the Decorative Art Fair in London, among others, and she is one of the few Swedes who has had a separate exhibition at the European Council for Human Rights in Strasbourg.

This is what Charlotte says about her art:

"With my art, I want to spread joy and reflection. The motifs and colors are life-affirming, but behind it lies an important message. All my art is sculpted from recycled material. It is a symbol that we should be afraid of mother earth and show respect for everything alive. Just like everything alive only comes in one edition, I only make my art as original. When I get the material in my hand it speaks to me and tells me what it wants to be, it's an incredibly inspiring feeling to be the link between what been and the new life. To make a difference."

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The exhibition is on display between September 2 and October 14, 2023.

Warm welcome!

Address: Postgatan 31, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday at 11-18, Saturday 11-16

G.A.D Göteborg gästas av  - Charlotte Olsson
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