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GAD Gothenburg is visited by – photographer Lennart Sjöberg

Name : Lennart Sjöberg
Date : Vernissage 2024-03-23 ​​at 11.00 – 16.00
Exhibition in progress 2024-03-23-------2024-04-30

Vernissage :
GAD offers non-alcoholic bubbly and snacks

Exhibition :
On Saturday, March 23, the GAD store in Gothenburg offers bubbles with snacks when Lennart Sjöberg exhibits his photo art. On this day, all West Coast residents have the opportunity to meet Lennart and hear more about his solid professional career as a professional photographer. His photos can then be viewed in the GAD store in Valborg.

Lennart Sjöberg is educated at Gothenburg University of Photography (HDK Valand - Academy of Art and Design) and has participated in exhibitions all over the world. He has received many domestic and international awards and scholarships for his work.

His combination of artistic expression and high technical knowledge has made him widely employed by many different client organisations, not least in the culture, art and music sectors. For example, Lennart's long collaboration with the Gothenburg Opera has received a lot of attention in the media and has been appreciated by the Opera House's visitors and the public.

G.A.D Göteborg gästas av – fotograf Lennart Sjöberg
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