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In our shop you will find our furniture of the highest quality with carefully selected materials - built by our carpenters on Gotland since 1997.

GAD's history

The year is 1997 and GAD's founder and designer Kristian Eriksson decides to leave Stockholm and the IT industry to move to Gotland.

The dream was to start a furniture company that produced real and durable furniture, built the way it was done in the past, as opposed to the market that was moving towards cheap and mass-produced. A handful of furniture models took shape and were exhibited at the furniture fair in Stockholm.

It was a success. The Fårö bench, which is still one of GAD's most popular pieces of furniture, was awarded the "Outstanding Swedish Form" design award and the orders started rolling in. Soon there was an own carpentry shop in Hemse, where almost all manufacturing still takes place. The carpentry is made of solid birch and oak of the highest class. They are supplemented with local natural materials such as lambskin and limestone and Scanian diabase, but also glass and steel that provide exciting combinations of materials.

Kristian Eriksson's design highlights the qualities and beauty of the fine carpentry that is carried out. Old zincing holds together drawers that slide on slide rails made of the fatter type of wood, beech. Polished meetings in phase for fittings, assembly with tenons, selection of wood pieces with the same grain and color for a harmonious piece of furniture.

With solid materials and these manufacturing methods, a piece of furniture can always be restored to new condition even after many years of use. The strength lies in the fact that a GAD piece of furniture always draws the eye but is never intrusive. It is important that the design is stylish as well as functional and fits just as well in a current as in a future home.

Today, no one knows how old a GAD piece of furniture can become. However, our tables, benches and sofas are already featured as exclusive items at quality auctions and hold a high resale value. This is also how they are made to withstand being loved and last long into the future.

GAD's story does not end here – it has only begun.

G.A.D:s historia
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