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In our shop you will find our furniture of the highest quality with carefully selected materials - built by our carpenters on Gotland since 1997.

G.A.D manufactures furniture by hand in its own carpentry workshop on Gotland.

A GAD piece of furniture takes time to make

We mostly manufacture the furniture in our own carpentry workshop in Hemse on Gotland. Here, our carpenters work with everything from sawing up the raw timber that comes in to building furniture, surface treatment and packing. It is a job with a number of steps that must be carried out before the furniture is ready. Building a piece of furniture from scratch requires great craftsmanship and knowledge of the materials. You start by sorting and sawing up the raw wood that comes in. The wood is of the highest grade and has dried for a long time. The pieces are then sorted by color and selected for the various parts to be included in the furniture. The parts are produced in machines with high precision. Small series are produced at a time of each piece of furniture. It is done to get full quality control. All furniture is manufactured according to the customer's order. A responsible carpenter accompanies each piece of furniture. When the carpenter is satisfied with the result, he signs the piece of furniture and writes the date and serial number on it. All furniture manufactured by us is therefore traceable.
The parts are assembled and doors and drawers are ground individually in their specific place. All drawers and doors are numbered at the back so that they always end up in their right place. Furniture that has drawers in a row has drawer fronts taken from the same piece of wood. That way you can follow the grain across the fronts. It contributes to a harmonious appearance and is proof that it is a skillful and careful craftsmanship that lies behind it. The fittings are made of stainless steel and are ground flush with the front without burning the wood. The drawers have sliding strips made of beech, which means that they can be closed with just a light push on the edge. The GAD mark is further proof that furniture has passed the quality control and is genuine. All details are carefully thought out to both contribute to functionality, high quality and durability and be beautiful to rest your eyes on.